Linking Markdown to Docusaurus


This thing is written based on only the cursory experimenting I've done so far

Markdown Files#

Basically all Markdown files go in the docs folder

Each Markdown file should have at least id and title YAML headers:

id: some-id # seems like the convention is to separate words with hyphens?
title: Some Title
--- of Markdown document...

Sidebar Configuration#

Add the id of the Markdown document to the correct category/make new category in sidebars.js

sidebars.js should have a general structure like:

module.exports = {
sidebarName: {
"Some Category Name": [
"Another Category Name": [
{ // subcategory declaration
type: 'category',
label: 'Subcategory Name',
items: [

Full description of possible headers (more info here):

  • id: A unique document id. If this field is not present, the document's id will default to its file name (without the extension). (Please still explicitly include the id though! )
  • title: The title of your document. If this field is not present, the document's title will default to its id. (Also explicitly include the title too)
  • hide_title: Whether to hide the title at the top of the doc. By default it is false.
  • sidebar_label: The text shown in the document sidebar and in the next/previous button for this document. If this field is not present, the document's sidebar_label will default to its title.
  • custom_edit_url: The URL for editing this document. If this field is not present, the document's edit URL will fall back to editUrl from options fields passed to docusaurus-plugin-content-docs.
  • keywords: Keywords meta tag for the document page, for search engines.
  • description: The description of your document, which will become the <meta name="description" content="..."/> and <meta property="og:description" content="..."/> in <head>, used by search engines. If this field is not present, it will default to the first line of the contents.
  • image: Cover or thumbnail image that will be used when displaying the link to your post.

More information about sidebars here.