Compute Cores


HYAK is part of the University of Washington's cyberinfrastructure plan to support world-class research in every department. HYAK is an ecosystem of high-performance compute (HPC) clusters and supporting infrastructure (e.g., data management, computational training, scientific consulting). Acknowleding our Pacific Northwest heritage, HYAK means "fast" in Chinook jargon. Counting 1, 2, and 3 translates to "ikt", "mox", and "klone" in this local trading language. The numbers are cluster names corresponding to the generation of HYAK cluster deployed. We are currently on the 3rd generation cluster for HYAK.

ServiceJanuary 2021 — Present
Operating SystemRocky 8
Compute21,028 CPU cores [Cascade Lake, Ice Lake]
Accelerators576 GPU cards [Turing, Ampere]
Interconnect100 Gbps [HDR100 Infiniband]
Topology3:1 blocking 2-layer fat tree
Storage2.7 PB GPFS
500 TB NVMe Flash
NotesKlone translates to 3 in Chinook trading jargon and is the name of the 3rd HYAK cluster. klone is active and scheduled for a soft launch in Q1 2021 and a full launch by Q2 2021. Reported figures are updated as the cluster continues to grow.