Account Creation

To log into any HYAK cluster you need an account created. Everyone falls into one of the following buckets. Follow through then once your sponsor has confirmed they've added you to their group, continue on to the next section to complete the final account activation.

I am a PI, but I'm not ready to purchase a slice yet.#

HYAK no-cost demo accounts are intended for prospective slice owners to use the HYAK resources and assess whether the resources can serve their research computing needs. The account has some limits and not all features of HYAK will be available for demonstration, but you will be able to test workflows and software on the cluster. Email us to open a demo account. Please note the limitations of HYAK demo accounts listed below.

I have a PI and the PI contributed HYAK nodes.#

Your PI can create a HYAK account for you by virtue of adding you to their group. Refer to the previous section about adding users to a group.

I have a PI and we have no HYAK nodes.#

Email us to open a no-cost demonstration account. Please provide your UW netID. Please note the limitations of HYAK demo accounts listed below. If your PI has purchased HYAK storage you will need them to follow the step above to be added to the group to gain access to your shared data storage on the cluster after you're able to log in.

I'm a UW student and I have no PI.#

If you are a UW student tech fee (STF) paying student, which is almost every UW student, you are eligible to join the Research Computing Club (RCC). The RCC has a pool of nodes on every HYAK cluster for you to use. You can join the RCC and thereby get a Hyak account created through them here and use their resource capacity on the cluster. Once your account is created you can resume to the next page with instructions on how to activate.

I am an external collaborator or I have no UW netID.#

Having a UW netID is a pre-requisite for any type of HYAK account creation. If you are an external collaborator of a current HYAK user and need a UW netID you will need to have your UW collaborator sponsor you for a netID.

Please have them follow these instructions then once you have your netID, find yourself in one of the previous categories to be added to a group. Once you are added to a group you can resume with account activation on the next page.

Limitations of Demo Accounts#

Demonstration accounts are subject to the following restrictions:

  • Jobs may only be submitted to the ckpt partition.
  • Storage is limited under the demo account to 10GB in the home directory. For additional temporary storage you may utilize /gscratch/scrubbed storage. Be aware that files in scrubbed not used for several months will be deleted. This storage in not intended for large datasets, but can be helpful as you try out workflows on HYAK.
  • You may submit as many jobs as you like, but the scheduler will only allow one to run at a time.
  • Your jobs are limited to 80 cores, 360 GB of memory, 2 GPUs, and a maximum of 2 discrete nodes.

If you intend to purchase slices and are unable to test your workflows to your satisfaction, please open a support ticket explaining the features you would like to test before purchasing slices, and we will find a way to accomedate you.