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Update on the hyakstorage command

Nam Pho

Nam Pho

Director for Research Computing

We’ve made an update to our storage accounting tool, hyakstorage, and with this update we are also phasing out usage_report.txt. That text file contained minimally-parsed internal metrics of the storage cluster, and we found it caused as many questions as it answered. Moving forward, the hyakstorage tool will display only the four relevant pieces of information for each fileset you query: storage space used vs. the storage space limit, and current amount of files (inodes) vs. maximum number of files.

The default operation–running hyakstorage with no arguments–will show your home directory & the gscratch directories you have access to, and it will only show the fileset totals & your contributions.

You can also specify which filesets you want to view, in a few different ways: you can use the flag --home to show your home directory, --gscratch to show your gscratch directories, and --contrib to show your group’s contrib directories. You can also specify an exact gscratch directory with the group name (e.g. hyakstorage stf), contrib directory (e.g. hyakstorage stf-src), or full path to a fileset (e.g. hyakstorage /mmfs1/gscratch/stf).

If you want more detailed metrics, you can use the flags --show-user or --show-group to break down the fileset totals by individual users or groups. Those detailed metrics can be sorted by space with --by-disk (the default) or by files with --by-files.

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